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Season Seven New Business Launch Programme

The New Business Launch Programme is a three-month online business incubator for aspiring entrepreneurs. The programme has been designed to simplify the process of starting-up, building and launching a new product or services based business. Participants are provided with the right tools, resources, and access to experts to learn from and lean on. The programme includes 12 modules, made-up of video, podcasts, advisory text, one-on-one consultations, and over 55 downloadable resources to support you when launching your business.

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Programme duration:

  • 3 months (access to course available for a maximum of 12 months)

Is this programme for you?

  • Professionals who want to start a business with the right support, at their own pace, with lower risk factors, and increase their chances of successfully launching and running their own start-up in SA.
  • Youth who want to start a business and or want to learn about the basics of business if you have entrepreneurial aspirations.

You will gain

· Sense of purpose

· Market research

· Clear business concept

· Personal brand

· Online presence

· Understanding of South African law

· Pricing strategy

· And much more


Module summaries:

Heike Kannemeyer, Programme Creator and Facilitator

Hi, and welcome! 

Congratulations on taking the first step in starting your new business.

Did you know that there are three main reasons professionals leave their job to start a business? They are:

  1. Freedom: A desire to own and run their schedule and time the way they want, allowing them to spend more time with their family.
  2. Money (aka Profit): Not happy with the salary they make and wanting to increase their general income, seeking different forms of revenue.
  3. Purpose! Not feeling fulfilled or happy in what they do daily, a feeling of knowing there is more in them and for them. A desire to help others through their skill and ability.

What is yours?

For me, it was and is PURPOSE!

After working a 9-to-5 corporate lifestyle for 12 years, I suddenly started to feel empty, unfulfilled and like there is more in me and for me. I took a six-month sabbatical to rest, restore  and figure it out. After just a few months, and listening to a podcast, reading a couple of articles and reflecting on my life of 34 years, I discovered my true purpose. It came knocking on the door and I didn’t even know at the time, in my 9-to-5, that it was the lack of serving my purpose that made me unhappy in what I was doing with my days. I got to a point where I didn’t want to do what I did for another day, never mind the favourable position and comfortable salary I earned. 

It may be freedom or money for you, but it was my purpose that led me to where I am now, Owner of Season Seven Consulting and Founder of The New Business Launch Programme.

This programme was born through my own struggles as an entrepreneur, while building brands and businesses for almost 14 years. I always knew I would have my own business one day, but with no business or financial training, only my PR education and experience, the journey was tough to say the least. There are so many individuals like myself with an entrepreneurial mindset and great ideas, but little to no training to set a good foundation to build their business on.

It is my hope that the programme will help aspiring and existing entrepreneurs navigate the journey, provide them with support, training, resources and connect them with the right people who can help them. This programme is what I needed when I was on my entrepreneurship journey.

Today I look ahead and confidently say I am passionate about creative problem-solving, simplifying processes, and helping others. After more than a decade of corporate lifestyle, I started Season Seven Consulting. Thereafter I launched the Small Business Start-up Guide & eWorkbook and more recently developed the New Business Launch Programme – an online business incubator – and the InSeason Podcasts, Workshops and more.

Now let’s start building your dream business, and make the journey there beautiful!

Research by Cova Advisory shows that five out of seven new SMMEs failed within a year of starting in South Africa. The good news is that entrepreneurial training has been shown to increase the chances of small businesses to survive and thrive [source]. Set you and your business apart with The New Business Launch Programme. 


Each module begins with a video from Heike Kannemeyer, Season Seven Consulting Founder, contextualising the content to be covered. The text section below the video will give you further information to make sense of the module’s topic. Access the resources for the module in the Resources tab. At the bottom of the text section, you will find a list of action items which tells you exactly how to use the provided resources. If anything is confusing, there is a Questions and Comments box at the bottom of the module page where you can type in your issue and get a response. Once you have worked through a module, move onto the next one.

Instead of vainly searching for entrepreneurship advice that applies to South Africa, learning through trial and error, and struggling through your business launch, The New Business Launch Programme is your shortcut. You will get a practical understanding of small business in South Africa, with the tools you need to refine your offering and share it with your market. Click here to view the learning outcomes for each module.

  1. You have 12 months to work through the content and resources, and put together the building blocks of your business. Each module has an estimated time indicated so you can assess how much time you should be assigning. While there isn’t a weekly deadline, it is recommended that you maintain momentum and schedule a few hours each week to dedicate to your business launch. The goal should be to complete the programme and launch your business in three months.

This is a practical programme designed to help you successfully launch your business. It is not an academic course, and therefore you will not be assessed. Instead, you will have the real-world tools to bring your business to life. 

The New Business Launch Programme isn’t only for brand new businesses – your existing business may benefit. As you work through the programme, you will find the sticking point which is preventing your business from growing.  

This programme will provide you with the tools to be able to launch your business yourself. If you need more help along the way, there are four online meetings with Heike Kannemeyer scheduled throughout the programme so that you can access her expertise. There are also recommended providers for services such as web design, photography, finance, law, and other important aspects of your business which you might not be able to DIY.

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