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Consulting & Project Management


  • PR Strategy Development
  • Strategic Partnerships/ Collabs
  • Influencer campaigns

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  • Developing a Communication Plan
  • Content Development
  • Content Marketing Plan

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  • Marketing Strategy\Plan
  • Mobile & Email Campaigns
  • WordPress Website Set-up

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  • Business Start-up e-Guide & Check List Program (Develop & Launch)
  • Business Refresh e-Guide & Check List Program (Assess and re-launch)
  • Start-up PR, Marketing & Communication fundamentals

Do you have a business idea? But the steps to follow when launching your start-up, especially in the digital age, can be daunting. 
After 13 years of starting, developing, and growing businesses, helping you start yours is what gives me purpose. 
The Season Seven Business Start-up and Refresh e-guide and checklist aim to provide entrepreneurs, business owners, and leaders with a step-by-step e-guide and checklist to start-up or refresh their business. Season Seven consulting aims to support entrepreneurs, business owners, and leaders by becoming their seasonal business partner and helping them develop and grow their business idea through strategic business development processes, creative communications, collaborations, PR, and digital marketing activations.
Taking the time to understand your business idea, helping you develop the concept, and taking it to your desired target market has become one of my greatest passions in life.
For more information on the guide & checklist click on the download link below to download your free information pack.
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“It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently.” ~ Warren Buffett

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